A preeminent firm in Central Illinois, Thomas Mamer LLP, was founded in 1946 by past Illinois State Bar Association President James G. Thomas. The firm’s fourteen lawyers—among the best in their respective fields—have been carefully chosen for the expertise they bring to the firm’s practice and clients. They share the firm’s long-standing commitment to providing a complete range of services in a timely manner at a fair price.

The lawyers at Thomas Mamer LLP have developed a statewide reputation as the Go-To firm in East-Central Illinois in these areas of the law:
• Trust, Will & Estate Planning and related Tax Planning issues
• Civil Defense Litigation including Medical Malpractice Defense
• Workers’ Compensation Defense
• General Business Law including Health Care Law, Real Estate and Employment issues

Regardless of your legal problem or concern, the lawyers at Thomas Mamer LLP are zealous and responsive advocates. They pride themselves on thinking like a business owner or manager and understanding their client’s needs. They work with businesses and individuals proactively and responsively to both avoid legal problems and, if a challenge arises, to achieve the swiftest and best outcome possible. With fourteen lawyers and nearly seventy years of practice, the firm is a unique combination of experienced senior lawyers and younger lawyers with exceptional experience and strong educational credentials from top law schools. They often work in teams to ensure clients are served comprehensively and responsively, yet at a fair price. Proof of the efficacy of this model is the many clients who been with the firm from their inception—in many cases the firm is now representing second and third generations of the same family or business. The lawyers at Thomas Mamer LLP take great pride in the trust their clients and their families have placed in them.