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Municipalities face many legal challenges. Local governments rely on legal action to address public health and safety concerns. Municipalities need legal advice to manage issues that arise with their workforces. Public entities, and public officials, also find themselves in need of a legal defense when sued for allegedly violating the rights of a citizen or an employee. In many communities, important decisions are in the hands of volunteers who may not have the skills or experience to run a business with an annual operating budget in the millions of dollars. In addition, the laws which govern the operation of a municipality are frequently different than those for private businesses.

Municipal Law

Thomas Mamer has long helped municipalities and public officials navigate these complex issues. We help municipalities fulfill their core public health and safety functions by prosecuting ordinance violations and seeking authority to demolish dangerous and unsafe buildings. We help local governments manage their workforces with advice on employment issues and negotiation of labor disputes. We also defend local governments and their employees when they are sued for money damages, including defense of police officers accused of violating constitutional rights in a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 action. Further, Thomas Mamer’s breadth of experience can supplement the expertise available within the community on a wide variety of municipal issues.

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